Hülya Eçen Çalişkan NowWeMove Regional Coordinator Turkey

My first experience in business life was with product management in private sector. I worked in the managerial position in private sector for 14 years. I have been working as a manager in public sector for the last 6 years. I have been carrying out academic studies in my fields of specialization, namely as Labour Economics, Development Strategies, Safe and Healthy Life Strategies, and Occupational Health and Safety. I am an international head auditor in Management Systems. I have been acting as the Bilecik Provincial Representative of Taekwondo under Turkish Taekwondo Federation as of 2018. I am the Coordinator of Bilecik of the Turkey Healthy Cities Association, which is the only organization associated with the World Health Organization. I am the Project Coordinator of the Regional Development Agency. I am a proactive and straightforward person. I am a defender of children’s and women’s rights. I join and manage by heart any project related to children, women, and the elderly, which would have an impact on healthy life.

My daily exercise: I fulfil my daily activity by taking 10.000 steps a day. In addition, I do taekwondo exercises weekly.


My MOVE Week story: I had an encounter with the Move Week in 2016, to which I attended as a Move Representative. In 2016, I made a move with 3 moving points and 260 participants. The ‘move’ activities, finding a place on national channels, were selected as the event with the highest rating in 2016. In 2017, I formed 8 different moving points attended by 1120 participants, where in 2018 I formed 4 different moving points with participation of 230 persons. I have been managing the Kids Cycle to School Project for 2 years. I have been the Move Coordinator since 2019. I defend that the impact and productivity of this project is inevitable for a healthy life.

Hülya Eçen Çalişkan NowWeMove Regional Coordinator Turkey